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Parts and consumables

Ignition motors have a comprehensive parts department and can source parts and consumables like oil, filters and spark plugs usually within 24 hours for all vehicle in our dealership specializing in Parts for Holden, Kia, Mahindra and Peugeot

Mechanical Services

Ignition motors offers specialist care for Kia, Mahindra Peugeot and Holden vehicles with expert diagnostic software. We also provide full mechanical services to all cars, vans, utes and SUVs

Maintenance Services

Ignition Motors provides full vehicle services Including Oil and Filter and lubes, tunes and general maintenance, Speak to us about our preventative maintenance plans

Vehicle Search locate check and freight

Are you struggling to find exactly the vehicle you are looking for? Ignition Motors can help, let us take the leg work out of finding that special vehicle. Using our connections, we’ll search and find your vehicle for you. undertake all relevant checks and arrange it to be freighted to you if it passes muster A great time saving way to shop expecially if you have a busy schedule

Warranties and Guarantees

Ignition Motors provides full 5 year warranties for new vehicles sold through our dealership. We also offer Parts and workmanship guarantees for mechanical service work we provide. Through trusted third party providers, we supply mechanical warranties and insurance packages. Enquire about this service when taking your next test drive

Wheels and Tyres

Full Tyre, Wheel, alignment balancing and fitting services. We have a wide range of tyres at competitive prices

Fianance Loans and Leasing

Ignition Motors provides full financial services in conjunction with trusted third party partners offer competitive lease and loan terms for private vehicles, commercial, fleet and lease requirements.

Ignition Motors are Holden, Kia, Peugeot and Mahindra specialists. We also service all types of other vehicles including Trucks Vans, SUVs and 4x4s. At Ignition Motors, we quickly and efficiently repair all types of mechanical faults whether that be Muffler repairs, Suspension, Brakes, Engines, Transmissions, Fuel Systems you name it. Ignition Motors have the skills, experience and technology to get you and your vehicle back on the road again quickly at a reasonable price. We maintain a high stand of workmanship and transparency in all our procedures.




If you are an individual vehicle owner or run a small business fleet of vehicles,
save yourself time and the headaches by making sure your vehicle is serviced regularly.
If left un-serviced you could be looking at large repair bills for your vehicle so it makes sense from an accounting point of view to undertaking preventative measures.
Ignition Motors we have the latest computer diagnostic equipment so we can often identify potential problems before they become major problems. Regular oil changes are important and need to be done every 10,000 to prevent expensive wear. Book now for your next vehicle service and save yourself money in the long run.



Services and Tunes

Ignition Motors have the latest factory diagnosis computer programe’s to tune your vehicles, find hidden faults and get your machines running smoothly. This software allows Ignition Motors Technicians to quickly find faults saving you time and money. No matter what type of vehicle you have our Mechanics will get your pride and joy purring. If you’ve got a classic car we still have the skills to be able to tune without computer equipment, checking your clearances, filters, leads, timing and more as per each vehicle’s requirements.



Oil and Lubes

Often overlooked regular Oil and Lube maintenance is one of the keys to reducing wear of your Vehicles. Ignition motors service all types of Vehicles like this beautiful Classic Morri 1000 to modern European vehicles this their specific requirements If you have a reasonable modern car with the likes of variable speed Valve timing then keeping up with your Oil changes is vital.  Some European models needing oil changes less than 10,000km.  Check with after sales and we’ll help you get the best out of your next vehicle.


Mechanical Repairs

Ignition Motors are Holden, Kia, Peugeot and Mahindra specialists. We also service all types of other vehicles. We repair all types of mechanical faults whether that be Muffler repairs, Suspension, Brakes, Engine, and Transmission you name it. We have the skills, experience, and technology to ensure you walk away with a smiling knowing you’ve received great service at a fair price.

Additional Services

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and Tyres

Auto Electrical

Auto Electrical

Brakes Suspension

Brakes Suspension

WOF repairs

WOF repairs

Diagnostic Scans

Pre purchase reports

Pre purchase reports